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For Employment 

Destination Family Services is steadily on the rise and seeks to employ & contract academically sound professionals in order to support family cohesion by bridging the gap between home, school, and the community. Ideal candidates for Destination Family possess the following:

            - Associate’s degree or equivalent certification
            - Underlying understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis
            - Trained in person centered practices
            - Understanding of co-morbid diagnoses and how they impact behavior
            - Believes that ALL people can learn when they have access to individualized resources


Why Candidates want to work with Destination Family Services

While it is important for Destination Family Services to attract and maintain top talent, it is equally important that Destination Family Services provides an environment where professionals feel valued and can grow. Destination Family Services provides the following opportunities to team members:

            - A platform to grow as an entrepreneur within your respective
              area of expertise - Speaking opportunities
            - A customized business website
            - A customized business mobile platform



“Although I was hesitant about Telehealth services, Mr. Patrick really gave me some great resources to use with my son. I didn’t think I would be able to get support without someone being directly in front of us.”

Support Coordinator
Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Health


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