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Developing Destination Family Services

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Whitney King

Whitney King is the Executive Director and lead Behavior Specialist of Destination Family Services located in Virginia Beach. Whitney earned her BA in Sociology from South Carolina State University, a Masters of Arts & Teaching from Liberty University, and has taken coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis from Saint Joseph’s University & Capella University. Whitney has been endorsed as a PBS- F, which is a Positive Behavior Support Facilitator recognized in the state of Virginia since 2017. Whitney serves on the endorsement board for Positive Behavior Support Facilitators with the Public Partnership under Virginia Commonwealth University. Whitney King is a certified Family Coach of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP). SFP is an evidence-based family skills training program for high-risk and general population families that is recognized both nationally and internationally.


Whitney’s personal philosophy of family cohesion is that all families can foster strong connections with open communication, mutual support, inclusivity, and shared values. When families prioritize understanding, empathy, and respect among all family members, this can contribute to a healthier and more cohesive family environment which in turn, impacts a family’s socioeconomic status. Although the relationship between family cohesion and the economy is complex, cohesive families experience lower stress levels, leading to better mental health and job performance. Supportive family structures contribute to the development of well-adjusted and motivated

individuals, which potentially benefits society as a whole by fostering a skilled and engaged workforce.

Whitney has provided support to various schools and facilities including New Hope Treatment Centers, Sheppard Pratt Health System, The Children’s Guild and has served as a Family Consultant for various Autism Waiver providers across the state of Maryland and Virginia.

Whitney also provides various training to corporations seeking to increase their knowledge and awareness of mental health challenges and other disabilities. These trainings have extended to behavior health organizations that desire to receive professional development for their internal team members, and DBHDS licensed organizations that need support meeting behavior competency and other requirements.

Whitney is the author of 5 books. The most popular books include “A Happy Lemon Combo (Mindset Shifting Lessons Through Life’s Bitter Moments & A Happy Lemon Workbook) and, “Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences: A Person-Centered Behavior Tracking Log”. Whitney is also a Senior Advocate with the ENTR. Entrepreneur Advancement Program which is the first business ecosystem providing support for business operators, developing community engagement opportunities and distributing media content. When Whitney isn’t working or advocating for those whose voices are often hidden, she enjoys spending time with her children and striking up conversations with new people over a cup of tea.


Founder & CEO
Destination Family Services

“Ms. Coleman was so great! She provided so many great tips for us right away. We hope we can keep working with her. She even left me with paper to refer to”.

 A DFS Client
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