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2 Focus Areas


LEAF Behavior Support

This program provides consultation-based services with a concentration on targeting skill deficits & utilizing individualized plans to address them. Skill deficits are identified through the appropriate assessment & addressed with a consultant that specializes in that area of concern through consultation and/or training.

Ideal candidates for this program include:

o Families & Caregivers that would like to assess the skill deficits
   of their children ages 2 and up.

o Organizations seeking to assess areas for growth to prevent employee
   burnout & improve their productivity through organizational behavior management.




LEAF Mental Health Support

This program’s mission is based on family cohesiveness.  LEAF Mental Health Support believes that children and adolescents are best served through preserving the family system.  It is the mission of LEAF Mental Health Support to empower our community by preserving the family unit through use of ground-breaking individual and family therapeutic coaching, support, education and guidance. 

Ideal candidates for this program:  


o Ages 2-22 
o Assisting families in achieving a stable, healthy home environment by reducing
   or eliminating problematic behaviors.

o Successfully preventing out-of home placements.

o Offering a variety of services and interventions to meet the individualized needs of
   the families in services.

o Coordinating and collaborating with other external agencies (Social Services, Community
   Services Boards, MCOs, etc.) to ensure LEAF maximizes each family’s
   opportunity for success.

o Empowering families to competently participate in treatment decision-making.

o Teaching functional and adaptable skills to individuals in the family unit
   to help maintain unity.


“Although I was hesitant about Telehealth services, Mr. Patrick really gave me some great resources to use with my son. I didn’t think I would be able to get support without someone being directly in front of us.”

Support Coordinator
Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Health


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